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Möscha 15 m S-85 adjustable distributor
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Möscha 15 m S-85 adjustable distributor

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Long description Möscha Swing Sprinkler
Specifications - Low wind sensitivity due to large-drop distribution
- Good slurry distribution (also possible for taller crops)
- Lower nitrogen losses due to larger drop formation
- Adjustable working width
- Resistant materials
Benefits - More consistent crop yield
- Fewer growth disturbances
- Lower demand for expensive chemical fertiliser
- Wide range of applications possible
- Consistent crop yield
- Long service life
Application - Suitable for all slurry tankers, by selecting the appropriate coupling/bend
Properties - Stainless steel springs and shafts
- Drive through the slurry
Technical information - The following are required for an attachment:
Connection bend, fixing bracket, rubber gasket
Inner diameter 85 mm
Working range 15 m