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LED Lights are getting a lot more popular on trailers for the following reasons: -
• There is no filament in an LED so they last a lot longer than a bulb.
• They do not stick out as much as a bulb light meaning they do not get broken as easily.
• Most LED lights are dual voltage so they will work with 12 and 24V systems meaning that bulbs do not need changing when changing the tow vehicle from lorry to van or 4×4.
• LED lights are far brighter and look much better than most bulb lights
We do find compatibility problems with LED trailer lights and some vehicles. This is the fault of the vehicle, not the trailer.
With all the bypass relays fitted on new vehicles the lights work as they should but LED lights do not draw enough power for the indicator buzzer to work on most of these relays.
Some systems send test pulses to check that the vehicle lights are functional, this is what causes LED lights to flash. Other systems are not activated until a load is detected. The problem here is LED’s are so sensitive they don’t have sufficient load to trigger the sensors on the plug-in system. Therefore, they are not detected, and as a result no lights work.
The Nugent LED Fault Eliminator is the easiest way to correct problems with LED lights, when connecting your trailer electrics to your Car, Van, Pickup, 4 x 4 etc. The Fault Eliminator corrects the voltage draw between the vehicle and trailer and ensures no faults are found. The advantages of the Nugent Fault Eliminator are:
• Compact design mounts on the trailer
• Plug and Play design, no wiring required
• Weatherproof robust housing